Dark Villain

The dark rises higher, threatening to engulf the light that may remain. Will I be lost forever in this sea of black that surrounds me? Will I escape the villain who knocks upon my door? The darkness haunts my soul, whispering disease. I do not want to drown inside this villain, but at the same time – I do. How have I fallen so far? How do I break free from black chains? The fight rages on and on, but every day is a step lost. I slide further and further towards the dark fire licking at my heels. It burns and bites, but somehow I feel nothing. Where is the brilliant light I once thought I saw? I have lost the will to try; hope fades into the world of night. I’m sinking further down, the surface racing far from my fingertips. I don’t want to drown in this villain I have created – this villain I have become.

Inspired by – Drown in You by Chris Daughtry


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